Sixth Aevnue Baptist Federal Credit Union


The Credit Union’s regular share accounts are referred to as share accounts because, as a member, you share in the ownership of the Credit Union.

Each member of Sixth Avenue Baptist Federal Credit Union owns a share of the Credit Union and is required to maintain a $25.00 balance in a share account. The $25.00 is always yours and will be returned to you upon closing your account.

This is a dividend earning account. Dividends are paid semiannually on the average daily balance in the account during the dividend period. Statements are sent to the members quarterly providing the members with a complete record of transaction activity and dividends earned on the account. This account may be used for overdraft protection in conjunction with the credit union’s share draft account.


The Share Draft account requires no minimum balance and features no per check charge. Share draft account holders receive a monthly statement showing all transactions during the previous month. Deposits can be made into your account in person, by mail, by payroll deduction or direct deposit, or through an ATM with your Master Money Debit Card. Overdraft protection is available. This is a non-interest earning account. Free Touch Tone Phone Access to your account "Virtual Teller".


Special Account - or just about any worthwhile purpose you choose

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club Account is a dividend earning account that allows our members to save throughout the year to meet those expenses associated with the holiday season. There is no limit to the number or amount of deposits during the year.

The Christmas Club Account will earn dividends based upon the average daily balance of funds on deposit through October 31 at a rate determined by the Board of Directors. On November 1, a check will be mailed to the member for the principal plus the dividends the account has earned.

The enrollment period for opening a Christmas Club Account is November 15 through January 31. Partial withdrawals will not be allowed prior to October 31. Withdrawal of the full balance may be made at anytime, but the account will be closed and all dividends forfeited. Once an account is closed, it cannot be reopened until the next enrollment period. There is a service charge for early withdrawal.

Escrow Account

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